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SIP/CIP Pilot 20-500L Bioreactors and Fermenters от Kbiotech

Kbiotech supplies a range of standardised & customised Pilot Bioreactors & Fermenters for your microbial culture needs – bacterial or yeast as well as cell culture from 20 L to 500 Litres w/v.

We are specialists in the manufacture of automation, software and vessels for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. We have a solution for all your bioprocessing/fermentation needs because we understand bioreactors and the processes required to manufacture pharmaceuticals according to strict cGMP guidelines.

Solida is a single-source supplier of modular systems and solutions to meet the needs of any pharmaceutical, microbial or cell fermentation process. The company has the expertise and industry knowledge to help customers test processes and make the right choice of equipment to ensure the security of outcome and the fastest time to market.

Applications include

  • Pilot-scale fermentation of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, yeasts, and fungi
  • Cell culture of mammalian, insect and human cell lines
  • Vaccine, monoclonal antibody
  • Renewable energies, biofuel/biopolymer production.

Стандартные опции

  • Pilot scale culture vessels are available in bacteriological or cell cultivation configurations in the following sizes: 20, 30, 40, 50, 70, 80, 100, 130, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400 and 500 litre volume w/v
  • Leading industry components for automation, electronics, sensors, valves and gas mixing, among others, offer quality without compromise
  • Piping module design eliminates casual operator contact
  • Powerful SCADA software to simultaneously manage multiple bioreactors
  • Fully automatic in-situ sterilisation with integrated steam generator
  • Integrated or external CIP in place cleaning system
  • Modular design and interconnectivity with external devices give the possibility of individual solutions.

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