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CF-T4X Blood Bank Table Type Centrifuge


1. Microprocessor control, operated by touch key, digital display, automatically RPM and RCF exchange function, easy to operate.
2. Brushless Motor, maintenance free, over-heating protecting function.
3. Electronic lock, steel body, stainless steel chamber, good inoxidability, easy to clean.
4. A special design of air flow, it is retains the temperature to be stable and less than 5 degree raised. Protect the testing sample.
5. Special SCT speed control system, assure the stable and fast acceleration and deceleration. With this technology, the centrifuge can be stopped in 5-7 seconds from the maximum speed.
6. Can save 10 kinds of user-defined working modes. One of it is specially set for Polybrene Test in blood bank.
7. This centrifuge is particularly suitable to the Polybrene reagent, specially used for blood cross-matching test, blood grouping test and irregular antibody screening

Model CF-T4X
Max Speed 4000r/min
Max RCF 1770×g
Time Range 0-99 min 59s
Speed Accuracy ±20r/min
Power Supply 220V 50Hz/110V 60Hz 8A
Noise ≤60dB
Dimension 340×400×270(mm)
Weight 15kg


Rotor Type Capacity Max Speed (r/min) Max RCF(×g) Tube Dimension (mm)
Angle Rotor 12x10ml 4000 1770 Ø16×81
12x15ml 4000 1770 Ø16×116

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