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TBM SERIES High Throughput Tissue Grinder



The High Throughput Tissue Grinder is a fast, efficient and safe grinding system. Supports the extraction and purification of raw DNA, RNA and proteins including soil, plant and animal tissues, organs, bacteria, yeast, fungi, spores, and archaeal specimens. Support dry grinding, wet grinding and mixed grinding and homogenization. It can effectively improve grinding efficiency and quality, reduce labor costs, and reduce manual operation errors. It is a better choice for laboratories to replace manual grinding.



Working principle

The high-throughput tissue grinder is mainly used for grinding, crushing, homogenizing, mixing, homogenizing, material dispersing, preparing, shaking, etc. of sample tissues and cells. The equipment adopts the high-frequency vertical oscillation method, selects different grinding beads to grind the samples of different shapes directly in the centrifuge tube, and the samples in the grinding tube collide with the grinding balls, and the grinding shear force and impact force generated by the grinding tube make the tissue completely Broken, so as to effectively separate and extract the original DNA and RNA.


  • Suitable for grinding and crushing of various plant tissues including roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds and other samples;
  • Applicable to the grinding and crushing of samples of various animal tissues including brain, heart, lung, stomach, liver, thymus, kidney, intestine, lymph nodes, muscles and bones;
  • Suitable for the grinding and breaking of fungi, bacteria and other samples;
  • Applicable to the grinding and crushing of food and drug ingredients analysis and testing;
  • Suitable for grinding and crushing of volatile samples including coal, oil shale, and wax products;
  • Applicable to the grinding and breaking of plastics, polymers including PE, PS, textiles, resins and other samples.
  • As a new generation of tissue grinders, multi-sample tissue grinders have their irreplaceable advantages.


  • Adopt three-dimensional oscillating motion to crush samples at high speed, saving operation time;
  • 7-inch LED high-resolution touch screen, beautiful interface, multiple sets of data displayed on one screen, easy to operate, Chinese and English bilingual interface;
  • Multi-segment cycle control programming can be set (such as: grinding time, cycle times, gap time, etc.);
  • Using high-end imported linear bearings, it runs smoothly at high speed and has a longer service life;
  • Built-in Sakezi-v3.0 quality traceability system to standardize market promotion and speed up after-sales progress;
  • The high hardness bearing movement rod is used with special process treatment to increase the stability and life of the product by more than 5 times.
  • Equipped with exclusive cleaning and disinfectant for grinding machine accessories, no corrosion, no peculiar smell, and has the national disinfection product platform filing qualification, accessories and consumables can be reused after cleaning and disinfection, which greatly reduces the procurement cost of consumables.


Model TBM-24 TBM-48 TBM-96 TBM-192
Maximum throughput of a single sample 0.2ml-0.5ml×24 pcs


2ml×24 pcs

5ml×12 pcs

7ml-15ml×4 pcs

25ml×2 pcs

0.2ml-0.5ml×48 pcs


2ml×48 pcs

5ml×24 pcs

7ml-15ml×8 pcs

25ml-50ml×2 pcs

0.2ml-0.5ml×96 pcs


2ml×96 pcs

5ml×48 pcs

7ml-15ml×12 pcs

25ml-100ml×4 pcs

96 hole plate×2pcs


2ml×192 pcs

5ml×96 pcs

7ml-15ml×24 pcs

25ml-100ml×6 pcs

rated power 120W 180W 200W 250W
Speed ​​of work 0-70HZ free setting *(1HZ=30 revolutions/second 10HZ=1.OM/S 1HZ=10RPM)
Discharge particle size ≤5um
Operating hours 1 second – 99 minutes free setting
Grinding bead material and specification Quality: stainless steel, chrome steel, zirconium oxide, tungsten carbide, quartz sand, glass beads, etc. Specifications: 0.1mm-30mm optional
Grinding tube and adapter material PE, PTFE, stainless steel, PEEK, zirconium oxide, aluminum alloy, etc. * (metal fittings can be tested with liquid nitrogen)
Acceleration and deceleration time The maximum speed is reached within 2 seconds, and the minimum speed is reached within 2 seconds
Noise level ≤55db
Power supply AC220V/50HZ
Dimensions (L×W×H)mm 350×275×480 350×275×480 350×275×500 350×275×520
Weight 30KG 30KG 32KG 35KG


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